Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My 3 Favorite Wedding Tips

I was about to start this post about our wedding being done with the word "hooray," but then I realized how bad that sounded that I was excited about it being over.

I'm feeling a lot of things about the wedding planning phase of my life being over, and excited is definitely one of them. "Relishing in all my newfound free time" is another one (does that count as a feeling? Well, it does now).

Since I'm now super duper experienced in the art of wedding planning (yes, laugh now), and I got a large number of compliments on my organization the weekend of the wedding (I'm so happy to have fooled all those people!), here are my 3 biggest tips for wedding planning.

  1. Use the Google Docs Spreadsheet template "All-in-One Wedding Planner" - this thing was amazing. It had tabs for every aspect you could imagine (aside: as a non-math person, WHO KNEW that spreadsheets could have tabs, and the joy of those tabs at that! My now-husband is shaking his head at me.), and it was the single most helpful tool for me. Wedding binders be damned. 
  2. Create a separate email account for signing up for sites like The Knot, which you can forward to your personal email through your wedding planning time, then disconnect after. This way, you don't keep getting bombarded by emails from all those websites and vendors for the rest of your life. However, honestly, I haven't disconnected mine yet just in case, but I'm also not yet getting emails from those sites (maybe they all think I'm on a honeymoon? who knows). I'm sure they'll pick up again soon. 
  3. Shortly after we got engaged, a friend of my mom's gave her advice for me to not leave for our honeymoon until a day or two after the actual wedding. Well, C didn't have a lot of PTO since he just started a new job, so we didn't plan one yet anyway, but we did spend one night in Flagstaff after we got back to Arizona before we went back to work. That wasn't until 3 days after the wedding, however, we were STILL exhausted - mostly because we had basically had a "destination" wedding, so we spent the entire weekend running into aunt so and so, uncle such and such, cousins, etc. in the lobby of the hotel every day until we left Monday evening. So my revised version of this advice is to not leave until all your wedding guests/family have vacated the location of your wedding. Alternately, wait a few months like we're doing! 

So there you have it - straight from a recent bride's mouth (or fingers, rather). Hope these help someone out there!