Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It's our 4 month wedding anniversary today so I thought I'd share some pictures of the big day. We had the most wonderful photography and coordination team of Lover of Weddings, every time I see our pictures I fall more and more in love with them! It doesn't hurt that the photos are full of our favorite people who traveled far and wide to join us in San Francisco to celebrate with us.

My momma and "best maids" helping me with my dress

My brother did the reading during our ceremony and opened with a joke - which is what's happening here.

The beautiful and amazing church we were lucky enough to have our ceremony in.

Our immediate families - parents and step-parents and my brother. 

These guys know how important C's hair perfection is to him ;) 

The hotel where our reception was held is also next door to the SF MoMA (the circular building to the left of this shot), where C and I had one of our first dates. 

My dad flew out to AZ a few weeks before the wedding so we could pick a song and practice our father daughter dance. 
Neither of us are overly coordinated at this sort of thing so the biggest deal to me was that we didn't fall or mess up! 

C and his mom <3 

It certainly appears that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Possibly my new favorite photo of C

We were super lucky to have amazing San Francisco weather, so our guests got to use the outdoor space that was part of our reception location at The W. 

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