Friday, May 27, 2016

One Year Home

This month marks our one-year anniversary of home ownership! It feels like forever, but also like no time at all has passed since we moved in.

In honor of this fun time, here's a list of milestones related to the house that we've done since moving in:

  1. Made our first joint furniture purchases (living room, kitchen, dining room, "Christmas Tree Room," two guest rooms and our bedroom). 
  2. Hosted our first house guests.
  3. Hosted our first half dozen "parties" - Fourth of July (11 people in our house for 3 nights!), Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and a few "just because" friends over evenings. 
  4. Had new ceiling fans installed in some rooms, replaced two toilets (definitely not ourselves!) and replaced numerous air filters (ourselves).
  5. My father-in-law spent a week with us in August and replaced nearly every lightbulb in our house with LED bulbs, plus added dimmers to a few light switches. 
  6. C started mowing and edging our yard himself around October. 
  7. Learned and hated the "joys" that come with owning a pool. 
  8. Finished planning our wedding. 
  9. Spent two weekends printing, cutting, and organizing documents for our wedding. 
  10. GOT MARRIED (technically not in our home or even the state but seems big). 
  11. Started and ended a work from home job. 
  12. Had new AC units installed. 
  13. Painted a room by ourselves. 
  14. Celebrated knowing each other for ten years. 
  15. Gotten over my nervousness of being home alone for a few different work trips of C's. 
  16. Learned how to meal plan. 
  17. Learned how to cook a lot of new meals, especially for just two people. 
  18. Agreed to adopt a kitten (though she didn't come home until after we'd been in the house a year). 
  19. Started planning to remove the fountain from the courtyard/side yard of our home to put a spa on top of it. 
  20. Had three sections of our roof replaced. Ugh. 
Cheers to 29 more years of mortgage payments, boy! <3 

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