Monday, June 27, 2016

Recent Martinez-isms

Some days I feel the same way about blogging as I do about Snapchat: I do not do enough interesting things to warrant showing them to the world.

Which explains why I've barely blogged in 2016 and it's more than halfway over. 

Lately more things have been going on, so now's as good a time as any to catch up. 

We had two California weddings to attend at the end of May and beginning of June, so we had a few chaotic weeks of traveling, and C's mom came to visit us in between too, which was very fun and relaxing as no one wanted to do much more than hang out. 

In early May we committed to adopting a kitten through a foster agency that one of the women I babysit for works with. Her name is Luna (or Lunacat, Stinky, Stinker, or Little Stink) and she came home on June 7th. After a few days of adjusting, she's a big fan of us - all of which we're probably throwing out the window as she's being spayed today and was not pleased this morning when I loaded her in the cat carrier and put her in the car (I was also not pleased since it was 5 AM, but oh well). 

Here's our Little Stink (so named due to the smelly food she eats, not because she actually smells)

Around tax season we decided to get started on a project in our courtyard off the side of our house. Since our house was a model home in it's glory days, it had this in-ground fountain that really did nothing for us personally (and according to our neighbors, the former occupants didn't keep it clean and it was a mosquito breeding ground, which anyone who knows me knows is not ok for me!) and so we didn't use this area of our backyard almost at all. But it was the perfect area of our yard to get ready to put an above-ground spa in. So we had it filled in, then bought a spa! It was a hassle and a half (in the words of my dad, "nothing is easy") times about 1,000, but it's in the yard now, it works, and it's beautiful! We are really happy with how this area turned out and are putting some finishing touches on it to make it perfect. C has already been in the spa every night since it's been working! 

Filling in the fountain

Pavers are laid!

See above about "hassle and a half" and then come back to note how close this spa is to not fitting in the backyard gate.

She's here and she's a beaut!
The spa is in!

We were lucky enough to have C's dad and stepmom send us these awesome framed art prints on their friend's moving truck. They were PERFECT for our "Christmas Tree Room" and we hung them and a picture I got that fit exactly in the niche above the fireplace.

Art prints nicely gifted by C's dad and stepmom!

TJ Maxx for the win, weirdly-sized niche!

C and I started going to trivia with some new friends, and while we are certainly not the best team out there, we are having a good time learning some new useless facts (like how many professional sports teams there are in specific states) and meeting new people.

In May, one of our local friends impromptu-invited us girls to go out for dinner for her birthday, and afterwords the four of us agreed that we should do that more often - so we've made it a monthly thing. It's nice to have some girls time with them on a regular basis! 

About a year ago when I realized I could NOT work from home in a state where I barely knew anyone, I found a pretty awesome job locally here in Gilbert, and enjoyed a) leaving the house every day; and b) meeting new people, even though I only worked with 4 other people. Well, all good things must come to an end and I was unfortunately laid off due to a company reorganization and my last day is at the end of June. I'm having a bit of an early-life crisis of not being sure what I want to be when I "grow up," but I've got some good leads and should have my "future" figured out in the next few days here.

We got through our first AZ year and are on to our second summer - aka the time of year when you just try your hardest to NOT go outside unless you want to melt. We're surviving pretty well through this one so far and are just not-so-patiently waiting for monsoon (storm!) season to start. I'm missing the rain!

I'm pretty sure that's everything that we've been up to lately! Hopefully I won't be a stranger for ~ 6 months again! :)