About Martinezfest

A & C just relocated from Orange County and El Paso (respectively) to Phoenix in April 2015 after 18 months of long distance dating. Thanks for checking up on our goings on!

Want some more info? Here's some quick-hits: 
  • October 2005: A+C meet in SF.
  • October '05 - April '06: A+C keep in touch thanks to the wonders of AOL Instant Messenger.
  • August '06: A starts at SFSU.
  • 2006-2012: A+C date at various intervals, but eventually break up. 
  • October 2013: C calls A and apologizes for breaking her heart a year and a half ago. After a lot of soul-searching, A agrees to give it another shot, and they begin flying back and forth from SoCal and El Paso for weekend visits. 
  • October 2014: C asks A to marry him! 
  • April 2015: C+A move together to Phoenix, AZ - finally no more back and forth flying!
  • October 2015: C+A get married in San Francisco. 
  • August 2016: C+A find out they're HAVING A BABY! Stay tuned for Baby Martinez's arrival in April 2017!
And some more details: 
We met in October 2005 during his first year at USF and my senior year of high school. I was on a "college scouting" trip with my mom, grandma and friend in San Francisco. C was friends with a long-time friend of mine, who also went to USF. During that trip, my friend was showing us around SF and brought along some of his new college friends. We kept in touch pretty consistently after that trip - many an AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) chat were exchanged.

C, A and our friend - April 2006 and our first ever picture together.

We met again in April of 2006 when my dad and I came to look at SFSU again because I was ready to accept admission there for college.

We had some ups and downs during our overlapping years in San Francisco, but some highlights of our time in the city include trips to North Beach (Little Italy), C's first time ice skating and a trip to China Beach. Also, too much time spent on Muni trying to get across the city to see each other.

In 2010 while I was living in England and working as a nanny, we started talking again, which led to their first stab at a long-distance relationship when I moved back home from about November 2011 through May 2012. During this time, we enjoyed a trip to Austin with my family to watch my brother play baseball.

Finally coming to his senses, C called me in October 2013 to tell her that their last break up had been a mistake. We've spent the last year+ doing a lot of traveling (we've been to Pittsburgh, Lorain, Connecticut, New York, El Paso, Orange County, San Francisco and Phoenix together) and earning LOTS of frequent flier miles.

The rest, as they say, is history, and on October 10, 2014, C asked me to marry him in the parking lot at the El Paso Airport - and I said yes. Thus began the journey to not be flying all over the country. We moved to Arizona in late April 2015 and closed on our house by the end of May (hooray for motivated sellers)! Our wedding was in San Francisco, the city where it all began, in October 2015.

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